I am receiving Medicare. Can I also receive MO HealthNet? How do they work together?

Yes, you can receive both Medicare and MO HealthNet. Medicare is handled at the federal level and MO HealthNet is handled at the state level.

If you receive both, Medicare is primary. This means Medicare will be billed first. MO HealthNet will be billed last and will pay the coinsurance and deductible amounts on Medicare covered services. There is no duplication of payment for services.

If you have chosen a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) for your Medicare coverage, there will be no coinsurance or deductible payments assigned; however, you will be responsible for a copayment for services provided. MO HealthNet will not assume responsibility for copayment amounts for Medicare HMO/MO HealthNet participants unless you are enrolled in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program. Providers may bill you for this charge.

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