Has prescription drug coverage changed?

Although your basic prescription drug benefits have not changed, the MO HealthNet program has had to take steps to deal with the increasing cost of medication. Just as other insurance companies have done, MO HealthNet is now using a Preferred Drug List. The Preferred Drug List makes many prescription drugs available to you without taking any extra steps. Some medications may require your doctor or pharmacist to make a special request.

Because of these changes, you may at times find that your pharmacy will need to ask your doctor to allow a different medication to be filled. This will only happen when there is another prescription drug available that is equally safe and effective, but less expensive.

Your doctor and pharmacy will also receive information about the MO HealthNet Preferred Drug List. They will be able to check online or call a toll-free help desk if they have questions about a prescription drug. In some cases, special exceptions to the Preferred Drug List may be allowed for certain conditions, if requested by your doctor and approved.

If you are denied a prescription drug your doctor has requested, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist to find out why. 

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