If I hire a new employee or bring on a new volunteer before or after June 30, 2017, do they need to complete the trainings?

New staff/volunteers counted in the child/staff ratio or responsible for direct supervision of children need to complete required trainings within 3 months of hire and must have all training completed prior to being given sole responsibility for the supervision of children. For example, if a new staff member is hired on May 15, 2017 they have until August 15, 2017 to complete training in the required topics. If the new employee has already received the required trainings the employee does not have to re-take the training again if the trainings were completed after January 1, 2016 as verified by OPEN and the employee has a valid First Aid/CPR certification.

Child Care Provider Training Requirements

  1. I received a notice about training requirements in the mail. Does this apply to me or my center?
  2. What trainings are required?
  3. We run a license-exempt day camp during the summer. Will the training requirements be the same for us?
  4. Where can I find the actual law that states who must obtain the new training?
  5. What is the deadline to complete training?
  6. Why are we only being given 6 months to complete the training?
  7. How will you know if a provider and their staff/volunteers have completed the training?
  8. What happens if I and/or my staff do not complete the training?
  9. If I own the child care business or employ staff such as a cook, office assistant or administrative staff that does not provide direct supervision of children, do I/they need to take the training?
  10. We have volunteers that assist only a couple days a year. Do all volunteers have to be trained in the topics?
  11. If I hire a new employee or bring on a new volunteer before or after June 30, 2017, do they need to complete the trainings?
  12. I have 50+ staff which provides care to children. Does each of them have to take the required 11 topics or is it acceptable to have only some of the staff take the classes?
  13. If my employees take these training topics in 2017, will they count for 2017 clock hours?
  14. Is there a specific number of training hours that must be completed?
  15. You indicate that some of the trainings will cover more than one topic. How will we know which trainings count for two or more required training topics?
  16. Do all of these trainings have to be completed every year?
  17. We are a license-exempt school based childcare center and have received training almost identical to what is being required. Can these trainings count?
  18. Do all staff have to complete the Child Care Subsidy Orientation even if they do not handle the invoicing? We only have certain staff that handles the invoicing.
  19. I and/or my staff completed CPR/First Aid training in 2015 and have an active certification for 2 years (expires in August of 2017). Do I/we have to take the training again?
  20. Do I and/or my employees have to go through the Missouri Workshop Calendar to register for CPR/First Aid? I had my certification completed by a local Fire Department, does that count?
  21. We do not serve infants or toddlers. Do we still need to do the back to sleep training or shaken baby?
  22. My facility does not transport children. Do we have to take the training about transportation of children?
  23. Some of our staff are teachers with degrees in Education or Early Childhood Education, do they still need to complete the training topics?
  24. Our staff has already completed the Mandatory Child Abuse/Neglect Training on the Workshop Calendar. Can we still use this as approved training for this requirement?
  25. Are the trainings only allowed to be through Educare or the Missouri Workshop Calendar?
  26. If I am a licensed provider, can my staff and myself attend the training offered by Educare?
  27. Is there a way for us to have our personnel certified so these trainings can be maintained in house and still ensure that we stay within compliance with both the Missouri Workshop Calendar and OPEN?
  28. Will the trainings be available online?
  29. Can we have multiple employees’ watch the on-line training and all participate still receive credit for the training?
  30. How much will the training cost? Will I be reimbursed for the cost?
  31. Can we work with our local health department to combine several topics into one training and submit them to the Missouri Workshop Calendar for approval so we can train locally?
  32. Will OPEN monitor or track the trainings? We currently use OPEN after meeting the initial requirements, but after we start hiring more employees it may be difficult to track.
  33. Who is the assigned point of contact for providers if they have questions?
  34. What type of documentation will providers need to maintain regarding the training?
  35. How does the CCDF training requirement align with Missouri licensing rule requirements?
  36. Is this training only required if I wish to remain contracted or registered with the state to receive payment services provided to children eligible for child care assistance or does it affect the USDA Food program in any way?

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