When do new employees have to have the initial training requirements finished?

New staff/volunteers counted in the child/staff ratio or responsible for supervision of children need to complete initial required trainings within 3 months of hire and must have all training completed prior to being given sole responsibility for the supervision of children. For example, if a new staff member is hired on February 15, 2018 they have until May 15, 2018 to complete training in the required topics. If the new employee has already completed the initial required trainings approved by DSS the employee does not have to re-take the training again (Exception: Pediatric First Aid/CPR training must be maintained and current).

Child Care Provider Training Requirements

  1. Do the training requirements apply to all child care providers?
  2. Where can I find the actual law that states who must obtain the training?
  3. What initial trainings are required and where can I find the training?
  4. When do new employees have to have the initial training requirements finished?
  5. How much will the initial and annual training cost? Will I be reimbursed for the cost?
  6. Do I and/or my employees have to go through the Missouri Workshop Calendar to register for Pediatric First Aid/CPR? I had my certification completed by a local Fire Department, does that count?
  7. Can we have multiple employees’ watch the approved on-line training(s) and all participants still receive credit for the training?
  8. Do all of these initial and annual trainings have to be completed every year?
  9. When do I and/or my staff/volunteers have to have the annual training requirement finished?
  10. Do new hires have to complete both the initial and annual training requirements?
  11. How will you know if a provider and their staff/volunteers have completed the initial and annual training?
  12. I’m getting an error message on the Missouri Workshop Calendar or I am having problems using the Missouri Workshop Calendar.
  13. How can I obtain or look up my MOPD ID?
  14. I want to look at my staff’s training records online. How can I do that?
  15. I want to look up my own training record. How can I do that?
  16. My MOPD ID or Toolbox is not working. Who can I contact?
  17. How do I get a copy of my certificate for the online training offered by DSS-CD?

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