Child Care Provider Training Requirements

  1. Do the training requirements apply to all child care providers?
  2. Where can I find the actual law that states who must obtain the training?
  3. What initial trainings are required and where can I find the training?
  4. When do new employees have to have the initial training requirements finished?
  5. How much will the initial and annual training cost? Will I be reimbursed for the cost?
  6. Do I and/or my employees have to go through the Missouri Workshop Calendar to register for Pediatric First Aid/CPR? I had my certification completed by a local Fire Department, does that count?
  7. Can we have multiple employees’ watch the approved on-line training(s) and all participants still receive credit for the training?
  8. Do all of these initial and annual trainings have to be completed every year?
  9. When do I and/or my staff/volunteers have to have the annual training requirement finished?
  10. Do new hires have to complete both the initial and annual training requirements?
  11. How will you know if a provider and their staff/volunteers have completed the initial and annual training?
  12. I’m getting an error message on the Missouri Workshop Calendar or I am having problems using the Missouri Workshop Calendar.
  13. How can I obtain or look up my MOPD ID?
  14. I want to look at my staff’s training records online. How can I do that?
  15. I want to look up my own training record. How can I do that?
  16. My MOPD ID or Toolbox is not working. Who can I contact?
  17. How do I get a copy of my certificate for the online training offered by DSS-CD?

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