What is a Named Non-Owner Policy?

There are typically exclusions on a vehicle owner’s personal auto policy that state if a listed car is regularly made available to any member of a household, the individual must be listed as a driver on the vehicle owner’s policy.

With the specially created Named Non-Owner Policy for Youth, youth have coverage for bodily injury and property damage if they are found liable when they have regular use of a care giver’s vehicle but are not listed as a driver on their care giver’s personal auto policy. In addition, if the youth leaves one household and goes to another, the named non-owner policy goes with him/her.

Coverage under this policy is not tied to a specific vehicle. Instead, it is tied to the individual named in the policy. Uninsured Motorist coverage is also provided for youth owning a named non-owner policy. In the event the youth is injured by an uninsured vehicle as a pedestrian or cyclist, coverage for bodily injury is available under the youth’s named non-owner policy.

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