What is a Named Non-Owner Policy?

A named non-owner policy provides coverage for an individual who does not own a vehicle but who may drive borrowed vehicles from time to time. Before the new legislation was passed this policy was available only to youth 18-21 years of age. The new legislation makes this policy available to youth from 16-21 years of age.

The policy was created to provide special coverage for Bodily Injury and Property Damage when a youth drives a care giver’s vehicle but is not covered as a driver on the care giver’s personal auto policy. In addition, if the youth leaves one household and goes to another, the named non-owner policy goes with the youth. Coverage under this policy is not tied to a specific vehicle. Instead, it is tied to the individual named in the policy. Uninsured Motorist coverage is also provided for youth owning a named non-owner policy. In the event the youth is injured by an uninsured vehicle as a pedestrian or cyclist, coverage for the youth is available under the named non-owner policy.

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