Non-IV-D Payment Processing Fee

Why is my check $10 less than the amount the noncustodial parent paid?

On January 1, 2002, Missouri Child Support implemented a $10 annual payment-processing fee for payments received on non-IV-D orders through the Family Support Payment Center (FSPC). This fee is similar to the fee the circuit clerk charged prior to centralized collections.

What authority does Child Support have for charging this fee?

Section 454.548, RSMo, allows Child Support to charge a $10 annual payment-processing fee to reimburse the state for the costs associated with processing support payments.

Why is the state involved in my case?

Child Support is not involved in your case, but under state law, Missouri now has one location that receipts and disburses support payments, regardless of whether the division has a case open. (Sections 454.530-454.560, RSMo) This location is known as the Family Support Payment Center (FSPC). Child Support is required under state law to manage the FSPC.

How will the state use the $10 fee it collects?

The $10 annual fee will be used to reimburse the state for the costs associated with processing support payments.

How often will the state collect the $10 fee?

This is an annual (once per year) payment-processing fee. Child Support will collect the $10 annual fee from the first payment processed by the FSPC for the calendar year. If the first payment processed is less than $10, Child Support will collect the balance from subsequent payments until the $10 annual fee is satisfied. For example, if the first payment processed for the year is only $5, Child Support will retain the $5 for the processing fee and collect the remaining $5 from subsequent payments until Child Support has collected the $10 annual payment-processing fee.

Will the noncustodial parent have to pay the $10 annual payment-processing fee?

No, the fee is assessed against the custodial parent for receipting and processing payments. The noncustodial parent will receive credit on the payment history for the full payment (s)he paid.

I have multiple orders with the same noncustodial parent. How much will Child Support collect for the fee?

Child Support will collect a $10 annual fee for each non-IV-D order where the FSPC receipts and processes payments.

If I don't receive a payment during the year, will the fee carry over and be collected from a payment received the next year?

If the fee is not satisfied during the calendar year, it is not collected from payments received the next year. The fee is closed at the end of the year. However, a new fee will be assessed for the next year.

For further information on the annual non-IV-D payment processing fee, you may contact the Family Support Payment Center at 1-800-225-0530.

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