How do I use my EBT card?

If you are using your EBT card at a terminal at a store, you should:

  • Slide your card through the terminal when asked for payment.
  • If available, you may request cash back. Follow the steps to enter the amount to withdraw when making your purchase.
  • If the amount is correct, follow the terminal’s instructions. Enter your PIN when asked.
  • If the amount is not correct, do not enter your PIN and let the clerk know it is wrong.

If you are using your EBT card at an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), you should:

  • Insert your card
  • Enter your PIN and press ENTER
  • Select CHECKING
  • Enter the dollar amount and select CORRECT or CANCEL
  • Take your cash
  • When asked if you would like another transaction, select NO
  • Take your card and receipt

These steps may be different for each type of ATM. You can use an ATM to access your cash benefits only. If you only have Food Stamp benefits, your card will not work in an ATM since there is no cash benefits within the Food Stamp Program.

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