What if the store’s terminal for using my EBT card is not working?

If a store does not have a terminal or the terminal is not working, the cashier may fill out a form for the amount of food you buy with your Food Stamp benefits. This is commonly referred to as a “voucher.” To use a voucher:

  1. Check the amount on the form. It should be the same amount as the food you bought.
  2. If the amount is correct, sign your name and the date on the form.
  3. The cashier will call the EBT Customer Service phone number on the back of the EBT card to make sure you have enough benefits to complete your purchase.
  4. If you have available funds for the purchase, the cost will be subtracted from your Food Stamp benefits.
  5. Make sure you get a copy of the voucher from the cashier before you leave the store in case the transaction was not processed correctly.

Paper vouchers will be used by Food Stamp merchants (like farmer’s markets) that do not have terminals available.

REMEMBER: Do not tell the cashier your PIN at any time in order to protect your benefits. Vouchers do not require a pin in order to be processed.

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